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Barrister Mian M. Shafiq Ahmed, an eminent Advocate of the High Court, embarked on the establishment of Mian Law Chamber in 2008, nestled in the bustling city of Faisalabad. His legal journey commenced with the acquisition of a law degree from the venerable Punjab University, subsequently venturing abroad to attain an illustrious L.L.M. degree from the esteemed University of Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom. Distinguished with the coveted title of Bar-At-Law from The Honorable Society of Lincolns Inn in the UK, he has solidified his reputation as a legal luminary, transcending national borders through his membership in the international Bar association.



However, Barrister Mian Shafiq’s intellectual repertoire extends far beyond the confines of jurisprudence. His diverse educational portfolio includes the attainment of degrees in both MBA and M.A. English, endowing him with a multifaceted skillset to cater to the intricate demands and nuanced expectations of a clientele spanning across domestic and international arenas. In the legal fraternity, his eminence is further underscored by his life memberships in illustrious organizations such as the Lahore High Court Bar Association, Lahore Tax Bar Association, District Bar Association Faisalabad, and Faisalabad Tax Bar Association. Additionally, he graces the rolls of the esteemed Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce, amplifying his professional reach.


Notably, Barrister Shafiq Ahmed also serves as the esteemed Principal at Pasban Law College, an institution revered for its commitment to nurturing the legal minds of the future. In this role, he plays a pivotal part in shaping the legal landscape by imparting his extensive knowledge and experience to the next generation of legal professionals, ensuring the perpetuation of excellence in the legal domain.


Yet, Barrister Mian Shafiq’s eminence transcends the realm of the legal profession, extending into the realms of social benevolence and philanthropic endeavors. He has unselfishly lent his pro bono legal services to noble causes, exemplified by his association with the All-Pakistan Woman Association (APWA), where he champions the cause of women’s rights and empowerment. His humanitarian pursuits are further evidenced by his notable contributions to projects aimed at supporting the underprivileged children of SOS Village, facilitating primary education schemes, and actively participating in a myriad of charitable undertakings. These endeavors have not only garnered him prestigious accolades but have also placed him in the limelight as a humanitarian par excellence.


Moreover, Barrister Mian M. Shafiq Ahmed has donned the mantle of a dedicated educator, ardently fostering the growth of legal education within the private sector. With a wealth of experience as an educator, he has played a pivotal role in disseminating invaluable legal knowledge to aspiring scholars. Furthermore, his commitment to academia extends to his role as a Visiting Lecturer in Law at GC University Faisalabad, where he contributes significantly to the enrichment of the academic landscape, nurturing and shaping the legal professionals of the future.



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