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Services for Overseas Pakistani Nationals

Mian Law Chambers > Services for Overseas Pakistani Nationals

Birth Certificate

Mian Law Chambers assisting people to obtain their Birth Certificate from Pakistan. Birth Certificate is a vital record and identity of a child. It consists of the information, Childs Father Name, Childs Mother Name, Childs Grandfather Name, Child Religion, Childs Date of Birth, and Childs Place of Birth. If you want to obtain Birth Certificate, Duplicate Birth Certificate, Birth Certificate Copy or No Entry Certificate (NOC) you can contact us.

  • Breach of the terms of an instrument or document whereby possession of any asset or property offered as security for the re-payment of finance.
  • Mortgage & Loaning Facilities
  • Fraudulent misrepresentation made to a financial institution.
  • Dishonest alienation of mortgaged property.
  • Offenses under the jurisdiction of Special Court (Banking Offenses)

Police Clearance Certificate / Police Character Certificate (PCC)

Mian Law Chambers assisting people to obtain Police Clearance Certificate/ Police Character Certificate from the concerned District Police Officer. The aim of Police Clearance Certificate means that a person has clean record.

Marriage Certificate

Mian Law Chambers is assisting overseas Pakistani People to obtain their Marriage Certificate, Court Order and Decree about your Marriage if you are required.

Divorce Certificate

Mian Law Chambers providing services to overseas Pakistani to obtain Divorce, Copy of Divorce Certificate, Divorce Decree and Divorce Order from Pakistani Family Court.

Translation Services

Mian Law Chambers is Providing translation services in different languages English, Urdu, Arabic, German, French, Italian, Hindi, Russian,etc.

Notary Services

Mian Law Chambers is also providing Notary Public Services to our Clients to notarize their documents for using at home or international Level.

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