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Consumer Cases

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Consumer Protection

Mian Law Chambers assure a civilized society believes in the fundamental importance of Consumer Protection and providing you all types of information relating to the Consumer Courts in Pakistan after reading that details you can easily know about your rights and you can also know that how should you come before the Consumer Courts.

Who is a consumer?

Section 2(c) of the PCPA,2005 defines the term Consumer as under. Buys or obtains on lease any product for a consideration and includes any user of such product but does not include a person who obtains any product for resale or for any commercial purpose; or. Hires any services for a consideration and includes any beneficiary of such services.

What are consumer rights?

According to the UN guidelines on consumer protection (1985), a consumer has eight basic rights, which are as follows.

  • Right to Basic Needs.
  • Right to Safety.
  • Right to be Informed.
  • Right to Choose.
  • Right to Representation / be Heard.
  • Right to Redress.
  • Letter of Administration.
  • Right to Consumer Education.
  • Right to Healthy Environment.

How can consumer rights be protected?

Only enactment and enforcement of the law by the Government does not serve. It always requires enthusiastic response from the citizens side. The consumers should register their complaints in the Consumer Courts or before Authority, as the case may be to mark the power of consumers and to protect their rights.

Which remedies are available?

  • On violation of any provision of the Act, consumer may file a claim for damages in Consumer Court for which no court fee is required.
  • For redress of following grievances consumer can file complaint before Authority.
  • Non issuance of receipt.
  • Non exhibition of price list.
  • Non mentioning of date of manufacturing, expiry or ingredient.
  • Non disclosures of qualification.

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